zondag 5 maart 2017

boek Opnieuw Reset op tafel in de zon

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176 pagina's

In Revisit / Reset Hieke Luik (b. 1958) goes in search of the present whereabouts of the sculptures she has produced in the course of her career, dating back to 1982. The book opens with a Foreword by Jan Teeuwisse, director of the museum Beelden aan Zee and the Sculpture Institute. Luik then takes us on a treasure hunt for a selection of her artworks that now inhabit the homes or business premises of diverse owners. Her photographs show them in their present-day surroundings. Some of these images are accompanied by fragments of conversations between Luik and the current owners, who reveal something of what the work means to them. This section is followed by an extended dialogue between the sculptor and the art historian and philosopher Laura van Grinsven, in which the two explore the positioning of her work in the context of contemporary sculpture.
The final part of the book contains photographs of the exhibition Revisit / Reset (Museum Beelden aan Zee from oct.2016 till  feb. 2017)taken by the photographer Harry Cock. His perspective illuminates the dialogue that takes place between Luik’s sculptures and her drawings, which have never before been exhibited together in this way.